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20 Daily Affirmations to Improve your Health

1. I am strong and powerful.

2. Everything I am is exactly as I want it to be.

3. My body is healthy.

4. I am so happy to be able to move and play.

5. All my cells know what to do to heal.

6. I am ready to enjoy perfect health.

7. I deserve to feel healthy.

8. I deserve to feel vibrant.

9. I am proud of my body.

10. I am proud of my body's ability to heal.

11. I am so thankful for my health.

12. I can heal my body with the power of my mind.

13. I shape myself.

14. My thoughts support my immune system.

15. I am always well.

16. I create and attract health in myself and others.

17. I can choose to be healthy and happy.

18. Every day I choose health.

19. My cells can handle everything I throw at them.

20. All food choices I make, my body will use to improve my life.

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