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72 Ideas for Your Habit Tracker

Tracking habits can really help to start to turn them into automatic behaviors if we stay on top on them. Instead of wishing you can be a better version of yourself, why not take the steps to try and actually be that person?

To learn more on How to Use a Habit Tracker to Set Yourself Up for Success click here.

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Here are 72 ideas of habits you can track to level up your life, but the possibilities are endless really!


  1. Water Intake

  2. Healthy Breakfast

  3. Make Coffee (Instead of buying it)

  4. Put your sneakers on

  5. Go for a walk around the block

  6. Go for a run

  7. Stretch

  8. Yoga

  9. Take Vitamins

  10. Spend 10 minutes Outdoors

  11. Eat one healthy meal a day

  12. Use the stairs

  13. Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up

  14. Go do a workout class

  15. Track food intake

  16. Track water intake

  17. Track exercise

  18. Drink a glass of water before every meal

  19. Eat veggies with every meal

  20. Do 10 sit-ups

  21. Do 10 push-ups

  22. Do 10 squats

  23. Do 10 lunges

  24. Sweat daily

  25. Cut the carbs

  26. Eat at the table mindfully

  27. Meal prep

  28. Make your lunch for work the night before

  29. Hit 10,000 steps a day

Self Care

  1. Floss

  2. Wash your face

  3. Apply Lotion

  4. Wash your hair

  5. Do something for yourself -bubble bath, paint your nails, face mask etc.

  6. Put on make-up

  7. Style your hair

Self Growth/Happiness

  1. Gratitude Journal

  2. Daily Affirmations

  3. Meditation

  4. Read for 10 minutes

  5. Create before you consume

  6. Dance to an upbeat song

  7. Unplug for an hour a day

  8. Journal

  9. Listen to one inspirational video or podcast to start your day

  10. Compliment yourself

  11. Find a silver lining in something that would normally bother you

  12. Write about your future

  13. Review your goals

  14. Wake up 30 minutes early for you time

  15. Take 30 minutes for personal time

  16. Write morning pages

  17. Do something creative -doodle, paint, write etc.

  18. Join a social media challenge and follow through

  19. Write a to-do list for the next day before bed

  20. Text a Friend

  21. Compliment a stranger


  1. Sleep for 8 hours

  2. Wake up on time

  3. Don't Snooze the Alarm

  4. Clean your sheets weekly

  5. Listen to calming music while you fall asleep

  6. Turn off devices one hour before bed

  7. Leave devices out of reach while in bed


  1. Declutter a drawer or space in your home

  2. Put one item in a donation box per day

  3. 10 minute tidy

  4. Water plants

  5. Make your bed

  6. Do one cleaning task daily

  7. Don't go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink

  8. Do one chore

Let me know what your favorite habits to track are! I always love hearing how other people use their habit trackers!

xo Shan

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