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Change The Narrative of Your Health

We all have that one friend who always says "I can eat anything I want and never gain a pound." She proceeds to order everything on the menu, while you pick away at your salad. You envy her, you wonder if you can even be friends with her any more.

Why can she eat everything she wants without gaining a pound, yet if you even look at a burger sideways, you gain 3 pounds.

Change Your Thoughts

Did you ever stop to consider that she doesn't think that way because she's able to eat anything she wants... but maybe she's able to eat anything she wants because she thinks that way?

Your body and mind are powerful things. If you think something is always going to be hard for you, it will be. If you try and switch your thoughts to thinking that things will always work out for you, and weight loss will always come easily to you, it will start to become a lot easier over time.

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