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Live As If It's Already Happened

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LISTEN UP KIDS, we need to get straight to the nitty gritty of making all your damn dreams come true. The absolute number one thing you need to focus on today and every day is to act as if whatever it is you're striving for, has already come true. It's here and now. It's right this moment.

This works for absolutely anything you want.

If you feel lack, you will continue to experience lack. If you feel unhealthy, you will continue to be unhealthy. If you feel stupid, you will continue to act stupid. Whatevs. You get the idea.

Now, say you don't actually believe in the Law of Attraction, that's fine. You can not believe it, and still have it work for you. You need to understand that regardless of what you believe, if you think you're fat, you're just going to keep stuffing your face, and being a sloth. I can say this, because I am currently in the midst of working myself out of this mindset. I'm not hating on you, I like binge-watching whole seasons on Netflix with a tub of ice cream like the rest of you, but I've also shifted my mindset to the fact that that is not WHO I am.


Health & Fitness come easily to me.

I am so motivated to have my dream bod.

I love myself, and every part of me.

I am strong, determined and motivated.

I am the epitome of health & mental fortitude.

If you believe all of these things to be true, like really truly believe them, why would you do anything but what a healthy person would?

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If you believe yourself to be healthy and vibrant, why would you stuff that cheeseburger down your throat. Why would you skip that walk you told yourself you'd go on and lay on the couch?

You wouldn't. If you tell yourself you're motivated, and really work at believing it, you'll start to shift your focus, and won't even have the thought of skipping a workout to watch an entire season of FRIENDS.

If you tell yourself you're confident & radiant, eventually you'll have no problem in social situations.

Young Fit brunette woman in a sports bra and leggings, on the ground stretching in the grass.


It sounds hokey, I know, but really think about it. You ARE the things currently that you think about non-stop. How positive are those things? I know mine were not. I always thought about what I lacked, what I wasn't, what I sucked at, what I didn't like about myself.

It's a truly magical thing when you turn that on it's head, and really focus on the good. Maybe it's just your pretty eyes right now. Maybe it's just your killer smile. Focus on those things, really zone in on them. Let the rest fade away.

You are NOT your current state of being.

You are your hopes, your dreams, your goals, your future. Focus on your future self, and live like that person right now.

Future healthy you wants to go for a run girl. Live her life. Live it fully and unapologetically.

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