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Start Manifesting Today with this Trick

Positive thinking and believing everything you ever wanted is readily available to you if you will just get on the same frequency with it and accept it, is so powerful. There are so many people who have proven it time and time again, but our negative little brains want to tell us that maybe it was possible for them, but it's not possible for me.

Positive Mindset Shifts and Manifesting Take Practice

It's hard to jump from a place of wanting and yearning, to a place of feeling abundant right off the bat. Sure it sounds great to be told "yeah, just believe you're going to have a million dollars, and you will have it. It is already yours if you just match your feelings to it." Cool bro, thanks, but I have bills that are due and might not be able to make rent this month. How the heck can one be expected to just all of a sudden believe they have a million dollars? It's awfully hard to convince yourself something is coming if it never has before, but you can work on changing that.

Cool bro, thanks, but I have bills that are due and might not be able to make rent this month.

So while you are trying to grasp the fact that you can manifest whatever you desire, there needs to be a way to start to feel better about things. You can't expect all of a sudden because you tell yourself something a million times, that you will be able to convince yourself it's true right away. It's okay to start small and work your way towards believing you can manifest a million dollars.

Start by Manifesting Something Believable in Your Current Situation

Do you believe you can manifest a yellow car? Or a nickel on the side of the road? How about a red balloon?

Think of something a little out of the ordinary, but not too much that you won't believe it can happen. Close your eyes for a minute and really think about whatever it is, what it will look like. Picture the red balloon swaying in the breeze, it's so shiny and bright. The shine of the light off the balloon is almost blinding. It's so full it could almost burst.

However you need to picture the object, just consider all parts of it, and get a clear picture of it in your mind. Smile as you think about how seeing that thing manifest will make you feel. Thank the universe for showing you the red balloon to help you find your ability to believe, and then just let the thought go, and go about your life until it shows up.

Don't obsess over it

The point is to believe so much it is going to happen, that you don't have to think about when, where, how it's going to show up. You just know, and be thankful. You can allow your mind to wander back to the happiness and thought of that red balloon and how amazing it will feel when it shows up, but the trick is to not over think it. Let it happen naturally. When you do spot it, it will be so neat you'll want to try again with something a little trickier... maybe a pink car!

Have fun with it

Don't fret about it, as it takes practice. Make sure to think of the item you're trying to manifest with gratitude and joy. The more that your small items show up, the more you will start to believe that you can in fact manifest things into your life that bring you joy. Level it up when you start to find the things you're manifesting are coming easily to you. Make it a game, and just take the pressure off by not trying to focus on things you already feel like you're lacking. There will be plenty of time to allow those things to come to you as time goes on, and you get better at it.

Enjoy the ride!

xo Shannon

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